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VST, Android, iOS, Max/MSP

  • VST & Audio

    VST plug-ins for digital audio enthusiasts and professionals

  • Mobile Apps *NEW*

    Audio/Visual orientated mobile applications for Android & iOS

  • Custom Development

    Bespoke audio/visual & mobile software developed to client specification

  • Downloads

    Download and purchase our great products from our online store

VST & Audio


AlgorSound; VST FX Bundle

As users of audio technology, we understand how important high quality plug-ins are, so we make our own. The AlgorSound bundle is our first product range developed in-house and is available for free from the downloads page!

  • AlgorSound

    Click to visit the downloads page, where AlgorSound can be downloaded FREE!

  • Custom Project?

    We develop software to specification, click for more information.

VST | AlgorSound

Mobile Apps


Android & iOS

As of 2012 we are able to offer mobile applications development for Android and iOS. We currently have three apps on the market, EerieSynth Microtonal Voice Synthesiser, Orbits Generative Music and TicTacToe Survival. Product information, specs and screenshots are available on our downloads page here.

  1. We will be bringing more apps to the markets throughout 2012. Get in touch here if you have an idea for a mobile application project.

Custom Development


Got an idea for a software project?

If you have a development idea, why not get in touch. We'll develop your idea for a fixed fee* based on the specification that you provide. We provide great aftersales support for software projects and can even assist in marketing and commercialisation of your product.

  1. Get in touch for custom development projects by sending us an email here.
Software Custom Development Projects
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